Doug Burton and Christopher Black explore the goodies!

On March 5th 2014, we travelled to the state Museum and Archives to see what they had on the early days of Easton.

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The map above — Parsons put his initials where his log house went on the corner of Northampton and 4th, and also the corner of 4th and Ferry, where his stone house stands now.

Inside the pages are laid out with four lots per page, starting at #1. The first two lots are related to the Ferry, these appear on the accompanying map at the end of Ferry Street. Hoping to one day own the ferry himself he put his own name on the adjacent lot #3

Here is William Parson's Survey book of Easton from 1752.  Inside the back cover he signed his Name. The corner being torn off, only his last name can be seen.

     The Goods!

LOT # 24:

(note the spelling of Bachmann)