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Easton 1774: Edge of Revolution

The intent of this new script will be to thrust the audience into the uncertain, textured, and complex time  when the leaders of Northampton County debated in the courthouse on Easton's great square. 

Should we , at the bequest of Paul Revere and Samuel Adams, support our sister colony of Massachusettes in the wake of the closing of the port of Boston, or continue to keep our heads low, to gain royal favor and hopefully avoid these difficulties altogether? 

We hope to bring Easton's own  revolutionary war founding fathers to life in this new piece. Meet George Taylor, Robert Levers, Peter Kichline, and others, as Easton struggles to find it's place in this epic conflict. 

The presentation takes place within the 1753 Bachmann Tavern. Seating is limited, reservations are required. Tickets are $60 dollars and includes a period meal and beverages. Proceeds benefit the Northampton County Historical and Genealogical Society, which maintains the Bachmann.

Performance Dates will be June 2, and 16.

This is a work in progress we very much look forward to sharing with you.